Pamper Yourself Today - You are worth it..Relaxation and Serenity.
Self Care Sunday with Fresh Fruit and Sangria
75min Massage with Hot Stone Foot Massage $55
Monday Madness with Mimosas
55min Swedish Massage with hot towels and aromatherapy $35

Wednesday Wellness
Laser Hair Removal $35
Laser Lipo $35
Vsteam $35
Teeth Whitening $35
Teacher  Thursday
75min Massage with chocolate facial
Frisky Friday Spa Day
90 min Massage including  brow sculpting with Strawberry Lemonade Foot Scrub

Summer Sale
3 Laser Lipo Treatments

3 Brazilian Wax

V Steam $45
V Steam helps with stagnant fertility,bloating during your menstrual cycle, yeast infections. It is also good for women who suffer with uterine fibroids. 

His Steam $45
His Steam is good for prostate health,erectile dysfunction, hemorrhoids and much more.