Pamper Yourself Today - You are worth it..Relaxation and Serenity.
Bath Salt
this bath salt is all natural it can be used a exfoliating scrub or a bath salt. Either way the smell will have relaxed and feeling renewed
Price: $10.00

Charcoal Beauty Bar
this bar was created for skin that needs a little extra attention. Its a goat milk base with charcoal to help detox the skin and alleviate dark marks
Price: $8.00
Mindful Meditation Mister
this product is design to bring you to state of peace and tranquility. You spray it on your wrist or your pillow if you are having trouble sleeping
Price: $6.00
Oatmeal Acne bar
this is most popular of our bars because it is oatmeal based and has geranium and cedarwood essential oils that help with acne and ezcema
Price: $8.00